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Switch to Cannonner? So ive had my corsair ever since pre-bb and now a days i cant even bare to play as him any longer. I dont have a problem with the playstyle or anything i actually find it kind of fun...the thing is im 140 and I cant do anything to level anymore. Corsairs have horrible Hp, (only have about 9000 hp unbuffed and around 10k if jack comes out but thats nothing more then a gamble. On top of that i dont have the fundings to help increase his hp ) Crappy defense, and a unstable damage range. (Having to rely on Roll of the Dice, Summons, and Pirates revenge to get maxium damage output). I can barley train due to having such low hp and crappy defense, it takes around 3-4 hits if im lucky before im dead. The thing is im considerin