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Who's right in this argument? Me and my friends decided to try to DRPQ. My Drk friend in the buddy list told us that his lv 200 bishop friend wants to come. So we let the bishop come. During the PQ, my friends were discussing who gets the loot. They asked the bishop if she agreed, no response. Later on, I disconnected so I didn't get the end loot. A few min after DRPQ was done, my Drk friend told me why didn't we let her loot. We argued that the bishop wasn't responding so they assume she didn't care. Now he threatens to KS me if I don't get her the loot. Who's right in this argument? -scared of being ksed by the lv 200 in RtO3- EDIT: Even though it wasn't my responsibility, the Drk "holds a grudge" against me for past events that


What makes me mad I found a free Ghost Pirates on my Mechanic so I started training. All of a sudden,this person comes into my map. He said," Dude, thanks for killing me." I reply," What? I just came to this map." Then he says," Stop acting like you don't know. You used your skill that makes monsters hit up to kill me." I was confused at what he said and then a spam of green "at" comes up and makes me disconnect... I relog and see him there saying," Want more or do you want to CC?" I just hate how people do these stuff and accuse innocent people...


Is there any way to stop the cycle of KSing? Person A is killing stuff in a map. Person B walks into the map, watches what Person A does. Unexpectedly, Person B starts to ks. Person A tells him/her to change channels but Person B ignores. They start ksing. Soon, either one of them would either bring in reinforcements to help them in advantage or change channel. Once one of them does so, he/she would probably KS someone else for their map or find an empty map. If they did find an empty map, another person could come in and KS again which would repeat the cycle. I don't see an end to this. Is there no way out? Alternative training maps would be slow for them which can challenge them to either stick with it or go back to the popular map. Mini

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