General Xenon

Upgrading Gear Last night, I was feeling lucky, so I bought 6 red cubes. My Fafnir Split Edge was already Epic, i was just hoping for %All Stat or maybe %Att. I ended up getting 12% ATT/30% Boss on the 6th cube!,rqJdXwZ,IwA5lIP **Now I need to know what to do for the rest of my gear. I was planning on EPIC potting the rest of it, cubing just like my weapon. I fairly new to xenon (bout a week :D) so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!** -My range is about 150k (With MAX Core).,rqJdXwZ,IwA5lIP#1 -I have all of my Link skills (Lv 2) , Except AB and hayato. -Only 10% Luk, 3% Dex in % gear, most of my stuff is 10 star enhance'd.,rqJdXwZ,IwA5lIP#2 TL;DR- Epic to Legendary in 6 cubes. What should I do to continue to increase my range


Bossing Post Red Adventurers w/ Funding Unlike my Previous Thread, That talked about which class will be more powerful Bossing wise post red update, I want to know Which Adventurer Class (Warrior Mage Bowman) Would have the best damage Bossing wise. [b]I have 3 main Adventurers I will be playing after red:[/b] 168 Paladin(Could change to Hero or DK) 165 Marksman(Could change to Bowmaster) 156 Bishop(Coud change to F/P mage -I/L is ewuggh-) I have a set max of 14b mesos to fund one of these characters as bossers POST RED. tl;dr- With 14b mesos, which [b]ADVENTURER[/b] class would be the best to boss with?


-post Red- Which Explorer Class best for Bossing and Why? Basil. Which Explorer/Adventurer Class will be the top for Bossing POST RED. [b](After Voting, Leave a comment explaining why you chose the specified class)[/b] Leave reply as such. [b]Edit: Btw, I have a 168 Paladin, 165 Marksman, 155 Bishop. I do realize they can be changed into their brethren classes in RED.I also would like to know which class would benefit the most If i had about 14b funding[/b] 1. (Class) 2. (Fact/Opinion) 3. (Evidence/Self-Assurance) *I put Thief and Pirate in the same category because I don't own an adventurer class for them* -inb4 comments about me discriminating pirates/thiefs-