Gollux Shop For all the people thinking it may reset purchases at one point, I asked about it in live chat today. This is what I was told: ***: Um the Gollux Coin shop in the game ***: Everything is purchase-able once ***: So one scroll o.o ***: and the Labyrinth is really laggy so ***: I cant really do the prequests on other chars ***: is that meant to be like that? GM Mosasho: One moment please. ***: Alright sir ***: or Ma'am GM Mosasho: haha, that is it not important. GM Mosasho: Do you know you can only defeat Gollux once a day right? ***: Yeah but ***: I have enough coins to buy more scrolls ***: but I can only get 1 ***: in total ***: at all ***: I would just do prequests on my lower level characters, but that lag in the Labyrinth mak