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MSEA - Hayato 5th Job Preview MapleSEA's CM did a V Patch Preview and now we have a first glimpse of what Hayato's 5th job looks like. The video above was taken from a Kanna PoV so we don't have any information on what it does exactly (or what the animation looks like when used firsthand), but it looks to be another mapwide attack. GIF for those who can't access the first link: (note: not shown in the GIF, but the damage is delayed until after the end of the animation, similar to Hitokiri Hundred Strike) Thoughts?

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Learning Finishing Blow makes Battle BurstTele unusable? Right, so I discovered something odd while leveling my Battle Mage. Before hitting level 100, I was using Battle Burst+Teleport frequently. It was a lot of fun and I loved the mobility it provided. But after hitting 4th job, I noticed I couldn't use Teleport during Battle Burst's animation anymore. Instead I had to wait for the animation to end (or use FB) before I could tele again. Trying to figure out what changed, I bought an SP reset scroll. I put my SP back in my 1st-3rd job skills and, once again, I could Battle Burst+Tele normally. So I knew one of my 4th job skills was causing Battle Burst to act screwy. My plan was to go down the list and figure out the offending skill, and a

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5th job Hayato For those who don't know already, 5th job is coming to KMS later this year. Obviously Hayato isn't going to get one for a long time (or possibly never), but I'd like to ask for your thoughts anyway: - What improvements are you hoping for? - Will you continue maining a Hayato even without 5th job? ---- I personally love the class as it is, so it's hard to think of anything more that I'd want. Maybe a skill that allows us to dive downwards, so that we can move in all 4 directions and bring our movement toolkit to completeness. I'm also hoping they do something about Willow Dodge and its usefulness in bossing, but seeing as it's a new job advancement I don't think they're going to touch on that. I'm going to check out Thunder Br

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Can threads PLEASE bump up to the top when someone replies to them? Threads used to jump to the top of the forums when someone made a comment on them, and the ones with the most recent replies were always the first to be seen. But this doesn't happen anymore. Any plans on bringing this back? It would make keeping track of ongoing discussions a lot easier. Please and thank you. I would make this suggestion through a ticket, but I have no idea how to do that, so I'm making a thread instead.

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I dont like Hayatos I used to play them, but now I realize how boring and pointless they are. Like what's the point in comboing skills when there are other classes that Haha, gotcha. I freaking love this class. Hayato is so much fun. Now that I have your attention, I would like to ask this question to Hayato mains: what class did you main before you started playing your Hayato, and what inspired you to change over to/stick with this class? Why did you quit your previous main?

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Kanna and Hayato Availability Temporarily Suspended Aug 19 [url=]It's happening![/url] [i]"In order to prepare for an update to the Kanna and Hayato jobs that will be taking place later this year, new character creation for both Kanna and Hayato will be temporarily suspended, effective 6:00 AM Pacific (9:00 AM Eastern) on August 19th."[/i] Someone catch me, I'm going to pass out from excitement. (Kannas already have their own thread, so I figured I'd make one for Hayatos). EDIT if anyone is confused (taken from page 2 of this thread): [quote=repentant]Someone correct me if my information is wrong, but Hayato has received two updates,

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