General Updates

Persistent problem for years I get an fps/spike lag where the screen freezes, this has been happening for 3 years now. Every time I get this frame lag it makes this sound like I'm inserting/removing a usb device. It happens every 5 seconds and last for 1-2 seconds. Also this only happens when I'm in the game. It's fine at the login screen and character selection screen but as soon as I'm in the world it starts. It not only freezes the game but my pc, any help would be appreciated.

General Updates

Maplestory freezing every 3-5 seconds Maplestory freezes for a second or so every 3-5 seconds and its so annoying. I can move my mouse say during the freezing and after, the screen stops being frozen my mouse will be at the place I moved it to regardless of the freezing. I also decided to turn the sound off in maplestory and have noticed something. Everytime the freezing occurs I can hear this sound and it occurs only with the freezing. I want you guys to hear it but don't know how to upload it. Its kinda like doon doon and stops. I'd appreciate help with this. I've read around and know that a lot of other people are having this problem. Could the noise be a program like my antivirus checking maple everye 3 seconds? I have no idea how to fi

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