P/c pendant of the spirit please Hello fellow maplers! Yesterday I did a silly thing and clicked on my pendant of the spirit box which activated it's time limit (I didn't realise it was tradeable) and now I want to sell it before it expires. My questions are: Is it worth selling? Will people actually buy it and could people give me a rough estimate of what people in Broa would pay for it? The expiry date is May 12 at 2am so if you're an Aussie/New Zealand/going to be awake at that time then you can milk it for all it's worth during the 2x on the weekend and 2x during the week as well. If it's a not very sell-able item then I'll just give it to a guildie who actually trains. Thanks in advance! :)


Cog 50% coupon from the maid shop If any of you have noticed, the maid shop for the Gentleman's mask sells a 50% COG coupon for 1 pt at stage 5. I'm probably going to buy it but when you scroll over the item the wording in orange seems really ambiguous. It reads: Restricted to 1 use per account. 15,000 candy points will be refunded for any use of the coupon past the first 2. My guildie says if we use the coupon after 2 days then we get a free 15k pts but I don't think that's what it mean. Can anyone give me some clarity on what it's actually saying?

General Updates

Stuck in a cutscene Yesterday I was doing the San Commerci quest line and my main got stuck in a cut scene. This morning I was doing the Freud quest and got stuck in a cut scene on another character. And 15mins ago I got stuck in another cut scene when I tried to job advance on yet another character. I know it seems silly that I'd make the same mistake so many times but I honestly did not expect the game to have so many glitches and I didn't think I'd have to go through a cut scene to job advance. Has anyone else been having similar troubles with Maple? Does anyone know how to fix it other than sending a ticket to Nexon (which I already did) and waiting forever?

General Mage

Continue as a bishop or change to an I/l Hello fellow basilers and maplers, I haven't played the game regularly for at least a year and I've heard explorer classes are able to change their jobs now. I'd really appreciate your help as I decide on whether to remain as a bishop or switch to an I/L or F/P as my main. I wanted to be an I/L because I've always found them fascinating and my first character (discontinued now) was actually an I/L. However, I heard you need more funding for an I/L than an F/P...but I don't like the look of green farts :3 So please help me decide or convince me to remain/join in your class. You can click on the poll options below but it would be even more helpful if you provided your line of reasoning too. Pros for sw