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Arguing with friends - do you do it? hmm, arguing probably isn't the right word, debating, there we go, that's a better word. Do you discuss issues with your friends that you guys may have clashing opinions over? Or do you try to avoid these kind of conversations because you don't want to anger one another? or do you just not say your true opinion because it's controversial? It typically depends on how close i am with the person and if i know how they'll react to something i say. I typically enjoy discussing things with my friends, different opinions lead to more conversion as well instead of a simple, yeah i agree which is boring. I like to think i have made friends who can handle having different opinions so i don't mind discussing issues


Not sure what to do about my inner ability i really want att speed +1 (don't we all, lol) -to those of you who have it, especially those who just yolo'd with honor exp, very jealous- my current inner ability is 20% drop, legendary i've been locking both the tier and that line for months now and resetting a lot, at this point i was wondering if i should just spam circulators the next time they go on sale. I know some people have spent hundreds of k of nx to get this line and i don't mean to brag or anything but i'm fairly rich in game and can afford to spend 100-200k nx trying for the time being. Do you think i should just continue to be patience and resetting with honor exp or just spam the circulators when they go on sale?

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Kaiser colour coupon change question So i've been doing some reading about the 3 coupons available. So one says 4th job, the other 2 say 3rd job. Premium black gives 3rd job kaisers the 4th job default look right? the main form one (3rd) job only works for 3rd job, now the 4th job one changes the tint of the armor but you're still black base. Fine, but i remember when they first came out years ago, you could change the tint and you could also change the effects in the back ground. Currently my kaiser has the black tint but blue damage back ground, did nexon not release those coupons this time? sigh


Question regarding potential on gloves Lets say i'm a dawn warrior. My gloves are 15 star tyrant warrior gloves, legendary potential, decent sharp eyes neb. I hit 40m lines & have 100% crit rate my potential was: - decent speed infusion + 2 bad lines so i decided to buy a pack of red cubes and hope i get like speed infusion + min crit% or + str% one cube later ... 30% str gloves i was advised to just keep that potential and cube for min crit% on bonus potential but the bonus potential is only rare which would mean i need to get it to legendary. I really only cube during miracle time (for tiers) to be cost efficient so that would mean i need to wait like 3 months, or i could be not patient and just spam bonus cubes now. I know this seems

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