Lost in Maple, need halp I have returned after quite a while and It feels like there's a lack of population around, just wondering if anyone could help me out with prices and stuff as it would be greatly appreciated. Also the market seems a bit crazy in terms of prices and stuff. I have too much nx stuff to sell and whatnot. Would be nice to join a guild and get a little back into the game in hope that it doesn't drastically effect my work. And just a quick question does anyone sell "permanent Dark Onmyouji effect" or "Dark Eckart masks" anymore o.o? Thanks a lot! :D :p ;)


Disappearing nx facial expressions Hi there, Im not sure if anyone else has experienced this but recently with the event which allows you to transfer nx items through your account, one of my facial expressions, namely the new facial expression 'troll' has disappeared when I tried to transfer to my other character. Strange because my other facial expressions wink and sweetness were transferred over successfully. Just a heads up in case anyone intends on transferring any of the new facial expression emotes to another character.

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