General Kaiser

Attacking/Bossing as a Kaiser Rotation Just wondering how you guys start off your bossing rotations (without decent skills). Pretty sure mine isn't "optimal" but here it is: **Before engaging boss:** Attacker Mode (stance) Exclusive Spell (buff) Blaze On (buff) -[(1) Pet Buff] Cursebite (buff) -[(2) Pet Buff] Catalyze (buff) -[(3) Pet Buff] Nova Warrior (buff) Grand Armor (buff) Stone Dragon (passive damage) Inferno Breath (passive DoT damage) Tempest Blades (summon) Engage Boss w/ Giga's to apply 'Slow' (status effect, so you deal extra damage w/ Cursebite procs affecting all other skills) **After engaging boss:** Wing Beat Tempest Blades (attack) [Usually a delay between hitting the key and it attacking, so you can continue the


Hard Lotus Cross-Server Queueing Who thinks this would be a good idea? Queueing cross-server to actually get a good group going. Make drops instanced and disable all forms of trading to reduce exploitation attempts. There's a huge lack of interest for this specific boss due to the mediocre drops from it. However, there are still those people like myself that enjoy a challenge and completing new content. COME ON BOYZ where u at? Why WOULDN'T this be a good idea? Leave a comment below, thanks

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