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1.055m NX in cards. watdo? [url=]Lul, finally got paid back in full right before Zenith opened n__n[/url] F3. Scroll down the first page and read my post. [quote=SacredX]I'm an MTS merchant and loaned out a whole lot of NX via MTS before I took a long break. Now I finally got the cards/receipts [proof of activation] mailed in and they're in my closet now rofl.[/quote]


Listings for Allied Worlds Please Just a suggestion, but if you're going to delete threads and tell us to use listings for trying to communicate with people in our allied server then I suggest you combine the listing's in allied world's -_-. [b]"Moderator: It's still against the rules. Make a listing on all of the servers or your most preferred server."[/b] How do I do that when I'm only allowed one listing at a time and I don't have any characters in any server other than Zenith, so how would I post a listing in the other servers? -_-


Gazed Server Scavenger Hunt Please read through before voting! Thanks! ** Disclaimer (for the mods): I understand this may be a violation in accordance to Rule #5, but I was told by a mod that since listings are very under utilized [url=](and my suggestion never really got anywhere..)[/url], posting these types of things in the General forums is more lenient. ** ALRIGHT! Now that that's out of the way, I was going through all my online accounts and noticed that I had some NX __(100k US)__ left over that I bought, yet never used. Due to this find, and my apathy towards using the NX on my self, I was thinking about hosting a pretty awesome event. **Event: ** Requirements: Creating a new Xenon with an IG

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