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General Kaiser

Kaiser Color Change Coupons Finally Back [url=]Source[/url] [quote=Nexon] Wednesday, May 6 to Wednesday, June 24 Collect 10th Anniversary Coins during the event period, and trade them in for items in the 10th Anniversary Coin Shop! You can get 10th Anniversary Coins from many events during the festival, such as: - Login every day to receive 3 coins. - Collect 200 Maple Leaves to receive 1 coin. - Share the anniversary buff with other players to receive 5 coins. - Collect Developer's Letters and receive 10 coins per completed set. If you complete all the sets, you can earn an additional 50 coins! - You can also get coins from the 10th Anniversary Commemorative Box that drops from monst

General Kaiser

Attacking/Bossing as a Kaiser Rotation Just wondering how you guys start off your bossing rotations (without decent skills). Pretty sure mine isn't "optimal" but here it is: **Before engaging boss:** Attacker Mode (stance) Exclusive Spell (buff) Blaze On (buff) -[(1) Pet Buff] Cursebite (buff) -[(2) Pet Buff] Catalyze (buff) -[(3) Pet Buff] Nova Warrior (buff) Grand Armor (buff) Stone Dragon (passive damage) Inferno Breath (passive DoT damage) Tempest Blades (summon) Engage Boss w/ Giga's to apply 'Slow' (status effect, so you deal extra damage w/ Cursebite procs affecting all other skills) **After engaging boss:** Wing Beat Tempest Blades (attack) [Usually a delay between hitting the key and it attacking, so you can continue the