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Character Cards % Hp as damage or Resistance set So right now I'm trying to decide which is better. Blaze of Resistance (3 Resistance Cards) All Stats +2/5/7/10 Powerful Charge (3 Warrior Cards) +4/6/8/10% of MaxHP Bonus Damage I have to break up the Powerful Charge in order to get the Blaze of Resistance, but idk if it's worth it. My main(s) are Phantom, Zero and Beginner, so not sure which is more beneficial in the end. Any thoughts? Oh also, does Xenon count as pirate or thief card? Or both?


Rip server history Level 200 Statues "The maps that contain statues of the first few players to reach Lv. 200 will be reset during the World Alliance maintenance. If you had your statue in one of these maps, you will need to speak to your job instructor again after the maintenance is complete in order to reinstate your statue. Because there will now be even more eligible players than there are spots in the map, you will need to speak to your job instructor immediately if you want to be able to claim a spot for your statue." I'm quite upset that the mergers will have such an impact on each of the servers' legacy. No point in being a patriot or whatever, I just think it's a real shame that Nexon couldn't have saved the spots for the


Notice Upcoming Hotfix for Live Issues - v.160 [quote=Artasi] Hi Maplers, We are preparing an upcoming hotfix for various issues that are currently affecting multiple classes, weapon souls, familiars, etc. While we cannot provide a definite ETA on when this patch will take place, we expect it will be soon. We understand that many of you are currently inconvenienced by various skill bugs, and we thank you for your continued patience while we get these issues resolved. See below for the various issues that are expected to be fixed with this coming update: Resistance Ignition Event Dates will be Corrected Joypad issue will be Corrected Issue with Black Heaven Ignition Package: Orchiroid will be fixed Damage Issues with multiple Job skills, Fam

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