Imagine Nexon did this to hackers LOL. Too bad Nexon's too busy counting $$$$ Fave: "Even worse, they were told that the malicious code also sent in-game names and regions to an external website, something that could potentially lead to them getting banned." Tl;dr: Ppl who used a bot/hack program got their compooters/laptops reformatted, and their IGNs recorded and sent to some other location for punishment supposedly. EDIT: Don't burn me bc Maplestory is different from LoL, I know nothing of compooters. :D :D :D EDIT 2: Woops I misread, the bot site made a coding error and screwed their customers, not Riot. :D EDIT 3: I think this might be in the wrong section... I just noticed. Woops!


If elite boss botters are such a problem Then why not put the Elite drops into PQs so people would have an incentive to do PQs instead? Then botters wouldn't get their hands on Elite boss drops. Plus there's a limit to how many PQs you do everyday, so it wouldn't infinitely add those drops into the market. (Just a very shallow idea) EDIT: Also why not add a meso loot limit per day too? I'm not saying no one loots mesos as an income, but it would slow down the botters or limit them a lot? I'm not sure how putting a meso looting limit would actually play out in the long run, but there's plenty of mesos in the FM right now...

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