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best mage for reboot server? ive played mages all my life so it makes sense i start reboot with one. i started with an evan since its my main but then i remembered having to get to 160 to get all skills and to 200 to max them so im deciding to change to another mage. my question is what mage would be more suitable to start there? im thinking lumi or bw although i may consider bish and fp (if the nerf wasnt that hard) im thiking about a mobile class who hits decently unfunded. all these classes can mob so its fine, not sure about their bossing potential though.


playing in 2 worlds questions ok im recently been playing in 2 worlds and was wondering if as with the other quests, the quest a hundred and then some would be once per world. i get the quest in scania while i already have it in progress in yellonde so im thinking its possible? also is the limit for reward points per world or per acc? cuz if i could kill zak in both worlds i could get extra points from each world and they would share as the reward points share for all the acc.


need a guild in scania some days ago i made a thread about starting fresh in scania and got some positive responses :D two people add me in game and offered me pots and one gave me 10m which i am very grateful :D anyway im now 124 and in need of a good guild who could help me with bossing later on. i plan on lvling this char to over 150 (maybe 200 if i can get enough help) and play it actively. it would be awesome if i could join a guild with the 4% sucess chance skill so i can scroll my frozen set with the fever and have a 99% rate with 70%traces. so if anybody wants a new member for their guild which will help with contribution pm me or comment here :D my ign is SamyBW just in case u need it :)


need some help starting fresh hey guys i recently decided to start a new char in scania to try out a new world and see how different is to be in a densely populated world. im a bw and im still lvl 19. im having trouble in buying pots as i have no meso and would like to ask if anybody here would want to be friends and guide me through my journey :P maybe add me to a good guild so i can get to know people. also some help with pots would be great. im planning on lvling this char at least up to lvl 150 to try it and see how scania is. any help is appreciated :D just pm here or comment if u would like to help me :) thanks in advance


end game shoulders? meister vs scarlet vs krexel which should be better? krexel has the 4th tier advantage but the disadvantage of 0 tradibility so if u get 30% of any stat not urs u couldnt trade or sell. scarlet has the benefit of being part of any set, not sure how would that work with sets without shoulders but i guess it could work, negative is only 13 stars? meister is cheaper and can be traded until equipped. im ignoring black tinkerer as its too expensive, and difficult to get otherwise. so what do u people think would be better?


am i the only one finding it hard to sell items? its literally hell, all day in shop and only sold 1 thing... im starting to believe it was better pre merge at least i could get decent spot... on another note i believe basil should implement something to help with this, i'll copy my idea here because basil moved my other thread to the chat forum where all i get is people who dont play anymore :3 the sites logic is not a good one... anyway i believe the auction system should be revamp and adding something to buy/sell items would be helpful too: the auction system in basil has been dead for years and it used to be helpful. they dont even let us post threads about items and the listing section doesnt allow sell/buy/trade listings anymore. i be

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basil should revamp auction system and add ways to list item the auction system in basil has been dead for years and it used to be helpful. the site supposedly by its name should be more market oriented, now its just a forum to ask questions, they dont even let us post threads about ítems and the listing section doesnt allow sell/buy/trade listings anymore. i believe they should implement a system where players can put their items on so items could be once more sold/bought through interaction in the site, this could help players who are having a tough time selling items in fm even though they have permits (like me) the idea of the wishlist in basil could work for items interested in buying but it should be developed further, something li

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