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grad trip dilemma help! Alright so my school is planning to go on a graduation trip to cuba. i graduate next year but they want a $150 down payment to ensure (we have to pay the full ammount 90 days before excursion cost is around $1555) that we will be attenting the trip,BY (march 31st) now the problem is that MY DAD i sSOO unsure about this saying that i dont need this and this is useless and no point of going The thing is its not the money he for some reason doesn't want me 2 go? and i want a decent trip this time because for my last grad trip (Gr 8) our school took us 2 mandarin(restaurent) >.> seriously? SOO guysss can u tell me what i should doo and what i can do 2 convine my dad ? TY SOO MUCh =D