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Short Basiler stories Hey, guys! So I was bored and wanted to write. At first, I started a story about a group of orphaned Basilers living on the streets of Seattle, but quickly grew bored with it. So then and I got onto the topic of... some stuff, and I decided to write a snippet of a story for him, which led into a snippet for Degrassi, and so on and so forth. chances are I won't really be doing this again, unless I get bored, but I thought I'd post what I have. These were all written in a period of about twenty minutes, so don't except anything fancy. Zombieoverlord lay panting among the thick, warm blankets of Dimo's bed. His partner was still fast asleep, laying next to him bare-chested, with Australia's dawn coming in through the wind

General Chat

If youre bored why not critique my Essay? Hello, dear Basilers. Wrote this for a college class in roughly 1.5 hours. Critique welcomed. Warning: slightly dark. Essay prompt was: "write an essay in which you alternate observations on the physical aspect of your subject and the powerful emotions and contemplations that grow from it's physical and objective reality" Overgrown blackberry bushes on both sides of the long driveway scrape against the sides of my Chevy Tracker. I wince, but bravely press on, telling myself that the scratches will come out easily. Ahead of me, sitting on a large hill, is a three story house overlooking a yard that probably hasn't been mown in years. The bottommost deck has been reclaimed by nature, as thor