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Surviving the rest of Senior Year Help I got accepted into the university I want to go to and now I'm just slowly counting down the days till Summer, I'm so tired of Highschool and my senioritis kicked in really bad (grades are still good though). What are some ways to make Senior year fun? My school isn't the most social community, a lot are rude actually. My close friends did running start so I don't see them besides weekend and skype so really I'm at a loss. I just go to school, go to work, go home and realize today was another boring day.


Is It Worth Playing This Game Everyday? Ok, I never really quit I just take long breaks here and there because of school, work and all that fun jazz. Is there any real reason to play MapleStory and check back daily on it? I haven't played on a daily schedule since.. like the Tempest update? It also doesn't help I play in Khaini, the graveyard (and I can't really switch to a more populated server because I have 10 link mules + like 3 other characters I play on Khaini) so during Summer I'll check in but I just wonder if there is any update or event that is good in the game right now. What are your thoughts?

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