ShyShadow #General Talk


Care Guild Incident One of Care's juniors were hacked and went on a kicking spree. We are trying to recover from this. If you have been kicked please contact Astoundme, iHealeer, Admiration, Coiouinq, iRhynoBar, ReaperRuler, Naar0, Blizzardly to be readded Or leave your name here and we'll find you I have buddied a lot of the kicked people so please talk to me or the jrs to be readded. It says I kicked the people, but it always leaves the guild leader's name. MercKevin was the one to get hacked and kicked everyone. The list of the kicked is here (Revised due to adding people): iChosenDream lincht Shadaniel Captainpusss throwxmasta theavernger98 Zsin37 DeathDemon03/xJettBlast ForMoarExp xBomberEXEx Zsin37 Heartseeker1 xOathHeart Cyonnix HerK

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