Impromptu video/challenge made because someone on a forum suggested it as a joke. Turns out it's still possible, albeit extra difficult. I don't think I could have done this on the first attempt without my Battleroid (android; preserves buffs upon death). Much annoying of a challenge with little satisfaction, won't be attempting it again. "What's new in v175?" - 1% MaxHP/s dealt to player while INSIDE the blue zone - 10% MaxHP/s dealt to player while OUTSIDE the blue zone


Variation of 's challenge: Rules while fighting Hard Magnus: 1) Attack ONLY from outside Magnus' blue barrier. *You may remain inside the blue zone, if you feel like it. But you shouldn't inflict damage while doing that. Of course, you would want to turn off any and all skills that may inflict damage to Magnus upon contact, or by going near him. 2) Solo play only. Enter alone. Exit alone. 3) Familiars, Summons, Souls, are all allowed. As long as it doesn't ruin the challenge. If you summon a being that caps, or might do a lot of damage accidently when you're inside the blue barrier, you might not want to use it.

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