Introducing my girlfriend to Maple Aloha basil! So I've been a Mapler for quite some time now, but I have always had this problem... I cant really teach my friends how to play this game :( Every time I try it always ends up the same way: "Dear god, wow this game is complicated!" *Walks out, slams door* However, my girlfriend was peeking over and saw me playing this game and was like "Oh cool that looks fun! I wanna play! :D" I told her to play with me sometime and I could help her get started up. But I fear it'll be hard for me to explain all the in's and out's of maple. (Plus, shes not really a gamer aside from Sims/Pokemon) Shes interested in playing the Beast Tamer class (Shes a veterinarian, so kitty ears and such ar

General Fun

Neat combinations of words So my entire life I've strive to be anything but average. I have this constant growing list of cool saying or word combinations that just sound amazing to me. It can be anything from inside jokes, random thoughts, or even new names to give objects to deepen meaning or importance. Things that stand out and really let your wrap your mind around something. I wanted to know if I'm the only one who does this, and if not than Basil let's hear some of your interesting ideas. Here's a few of mine I have floating around my mind: -The Beautiful Cherry Crush (The prestige title of my lover) -Firework Factory (Whenever I see something extremely shiny or beautiful) -Neato Torpedo (anything that is "pretty cool") -Sab

General Chat

Finally meeting my best friend So todays finally the day! I get to meet my best friend Kieran after meeting her on Maplestory 3 YEARS AGO! :D :D :D Totally excited. I live in Maryland, and she lives in Florida and shes on a trip with her ROTC group to DC! Going to see her around noon after I take the metro, just waiting for my clothes to wash and im headin out! Have any of you guys ever met somebody off of Maple before? (in b4 people say shes a G.I.R.L. , we skype all the time xP) YAY! :D


Stupid, Stupid, So Stupid Has this ever happen to you? Your on your regular Zakum run, farming helms and the ones you DONT value, you just put on once for the +charm and then drop. So With my last run I was rushing to Zakum after work (Because im tired and need some sleep) and when I went to put on, take off, and drop the useless helms... BAM accidentally dropped my anvilled (to look like a lvl 3 Maple helmet) 11 att ravenhorn hat >.< i literally raged so hard. Thought id share my tragedies so some of you may get a good chuckle.

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