Something incredible I found while training It wasn't an item, nor a large sum of mesos. It was something more valuable then that. A ton of exp and a better way to train. While training my alt a guildy asked for help with some of their SH prequest. I partied with them and we started off with the Mutant Snails map. We partied a random Demon and we each took a platform. I was had the two platforms on the left because I could easily clear the top platform and then clear the bottom. We constantly cleared the map and had pretty good spawn. They finished their quests in less then 5 minutes! As we moved through the maps we continued to get great exp and spawn. The only hiccup was Mutant orange mushrooms. Their respawn time takes too long for it to

General Updates

Maple not launching I just got a new notebook and it meets all of the requirements to Maple. When I went to the homepage it had me download the Nexon launcher and then through the launcher it had me download the game. I've tried the launcher out and it launches the game but when I get to the world selection screen it doesn't display any of the worlds. My only option that I can click is "Quit Game" Everything else is either not there or grayed out. Eventually the game just crashes. I've gone into where the folder is on my computer and tried launching it via game launcher but I disconnected after I enter my password. It's not immediate. There's like a 30 second wait before it crashes. I've also tried restarting my notebook. Has anyo