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Sair Bossing Videos - Post yours See a boss that there's no video of? Have a recording program? I wonder what could be done. Let's try to keep this GMS [b]Chaos Root Abyss[/b] [b]Von Bon[/b] - [b]Pierre[/b] - [b]Crimson Queen[/b] - [b]Vellum[/b] - [b]Gollux[/b] [b]Hell[/b] - [b]Hard[/b] - [b]Normal[/b] - [b]Easy[/b] - [b]Magnus[/b] [b]Hard[/b] - [b]Normal[/b] - [b]Easy[/b] - [b]Empress[/b] (v2 Run) [b]Hilla[/b] [b]Hard[/b] - [b]Normal[/b] - [b]Von Leon[/b] [b]Normal[/b] - [b]Easy[/b] - [b]Arkarium[/b] [b]Normal[/b] - [b]Easy[/b] - [b]Pink Bean[/b] [b]Chaos[/b] - [b]Normal[/b] - [b]Horntail[/b] [b]Chaos[/b] - [b]Normal[/b] - [b]Zakum[/b] [b]Chaos[/b] - [b]Normal[/b] - [b]Easy[/b] - [b]Dojo[/b] -

General Corsair

If we could change our class Regarding this [url=]Job Expert thread[/url], we may be in a unique position to make some changes to our class. Recently in [url=]a thread[/url] asking if corsairs were worth making, the majority of us voted "just quit MS again." Let's discuss and try to come up with ideas for a corsair that we can tell people is worth making. I've talked to a few other candidates for representatives to pool ideas so that regardless of who is chosen, they will walk into it knowing what the rest of us want. I'm going to paste the ideas that have been pooled so far between myself, and Please reply wi

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Tips Upgrading Cannon Master Hey all! I'm starting to pour some resources into a Cannon Master and I was wondering if you might have any tips for me. :D I've perfected a cannon, which is unique (needs work). He's got 2 tyrant pieces which need enhancing. A cra set. A) Do you think % attack gives a significant edge, moreso than other classes, since cannons have so much base att? B) Do you think I'd be able to kill Hard Gollux purely off of attack and % attack, ignoring %str almost entirely? (say, 300-400k range) C) What do you recommend for hypers? D) To monkey cape or not to monkey cape? Thanks for your advice and answers! :D

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