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Advice for funding please? D Alright, so i'm a level 200 AB looking for help on what to buy/upgrade to improve my range. [url=]So this is where I'm at right now[/url] I included a pic of my SS so I wouldn't have to type it out. My other equips; 6% dex RA hat 9% dex RA top Clean RA bottom 18% dex Superior gollux earrings 12% dex superior gollux ring 12% dex superior gollux belt 9% dex superior gollux pendant 24% dex red bear pendant 15% dex 8 attack pinnacle ring 6% dex tempest ring Absolute ring 25% dex 13 Attack cape 12% dex 21 attack gloves 9% dex meister shoulder 30 attack beryl heart 21% attack, 6% total damage soul ring 15% total damage, 6% dex Angel Emblem ( I want to put an 8% crit neb on this but I can't find