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A Long Break A Price Update I've been gone for a long time. That's all you need to know. But what I need to know is...What are the prices now? I'm an....Items collector (Mostly Chairs), So i wanna know the prices for these items in Windia Equips (Most Average/Clean Stats): Flaming Katana (Clean) Rat Mouth (Clean) Spectrum Goggles x2 (One has no stats but Potential, Other has Good Stats and decent Potential) Crimson Arcglaive (6% Weapon Attack Potential, 2 Liner Epic and Clean) SCGs x2 (13 atk, Epic 3 Liner and a 16 atk, Epic 3 Liner as well) Super Purple Snowboards ( Got a massive Collection) Rising Sun face Painting Newspaper Hat Racc Masks (I got a few of each, Clean) Glowing Whip (Badly Scrolled) Crystal Blade Rice Cake Hat An ABR Ring T

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