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Obtaining Last 5% crit chance without a ring Title; I am addicted to red numbers everywhere so I refuse to ever see an orange one whilst spamming skills. I am wearing a crit ring right now that adds 5% min and 15% chance, but ideally I'd like to replace it. It's the Zero ring; 3 attack and a few stats aren't the most end game stats I feel. (any suggestions on what would generally best 5% min helps) Without the ring, I am up to 95%. What should I do? Right now, I have a 100 Marksman giving me 3%. I have a 120 beast tamer giving me its crit, 7%....? I have a 120 Phantom. (15%) I obtained the 10% crit hyper. I prefer not getting anything to 210, but if that's the only option at this point please say so :) I have a Bully Title that I am not usi


Mathematical Starforce Many of us looked at the KMS charts for starforce's superior item enhancement statistics and numbers. Now that it's all been changed to an extent I yearn for a person to figure out the same things. We have success rate, cost per attempt, boom rate and degrade rate. How would one go about calculating the average cost to achieve a certain star, as well as average boomed items at certain star check points? EDIT: Some partial aid for lazy pink beany baby butts. [url=]Cropped Percentages and cost, side by side.[/url] [url=]'s chart, shows cost to reach a star.[/url] Assume 0 cost tyrant


Primes Are back? Treasure Hunt Event February 11 - March 3 Requirement: Lv. 33 and above Mysterious Treasure Box - Open to randomly receive one of the following: Basic Bonus Potential Stamp Advanced Bonus Potential Stamp 10% Chaos Scroll 60% 10% Miraculous Chaos Scroll 60% 15% Special Clean Slate Scroll 1% Silver Awakening Stamp 10% Lucky Day Scroll 10% Innocence Scroll 60% (6% innos) 9th Anniversary Scroll for Armor 9th Anniversary Scroll for Two-Handed Weapon 9th Anniversary Scroll for One-Handed Weapon WOOHOO!

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