General Xenon

My friend is making a Xenon and he got already some equips, he asked me to post in basil so you guys could help me tell him how below average he is /side note: he is poor as hell/ so far: overall + shoes + gloves + belt + earrings + rings + shoulder + pendant + face acc (he needs a hat, weapon, medal, eye acc, cape) total all stats on equips so far is str: 96 dex: 93 luk: 61 total att on equips so far: 50 not including link skills (he have all links except for jett & mihle and will have them all in lvl 2 as soon as unlimited hits GMS) not including character cards (he have a lot of usefull rank S cards) total %stat str: 18% dex: 21% luk: 18% he will also use xenon ring and possibly xenon hat (if he gets some %stat on it) cape, idk, I ca

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