No one noticed this amazing thing? A new NPC has been added to most towns called "Matilda - Convenient Item Store". This NPC will sell some cash items for mesos. The following items are available for sale: AP Reset Scroll: 7,000,000 mesos. Untradeable, Limit 1 per day. 7 day duration. SP Reset Scroll: 7,000,000 mesos. Untradeable, Limit 1 per day. 7 day duration. Teleport Rock: 3,000,000 mesos. Untradeable, Limit 1 per day. 7 day duration. Buff Freezer: 1,000,000 mesos. Untradeable, Limit 3 per day. Safety Charm: 3,000,000 mesos. Untradeable, Limit 3 per day. Respawn Token: 2,000,000 mesos. Untradeable, Limit 3 per day. ? Holy crap that's nice. Edit: The default starting character slots have been increased from 3 to 8. Max charact

General Aran

Arans training I often make new characters and raise them to 150 ish just to mix up maple's feel and give me new things to play with so here's my question. How is aran while leveling and at leveling? I have an optimized training route and 2x so it surely won't be slow but I haven't played aran since near big bang era. Also assuming I fund it like the little cash ***** I am, will it be viable to solo SH with? My main issue with old aran was that it suffered from warrior syndrome and was too slow to get around maps. Also that carpal tunnel syndrome. How will the training speed differ from my WH?

General Fun

A little help for the passing of time Here's the idea. I post an assortment of videos from youtube by awesome people, you find one you like and follow the stream of epicness that is related videos/ more from this person and BADADABINGBONGAFIED! game's up. ;feature=c4-overview&list=UU7dlaP4GdMn7kBnsEDKupuQ - birgilpall (beer jeer palk) 2 icelandic guys that seem to break everything in every game. glitchy fun. - Poreoti(x)cs my personal favorite dance group, tend to have a lot of humor in the dances. ;list=PL2D5ACE7F76092751 - 10 hour epic sax guy. you saw this coming. Walk off the earth, best cover band ever.

General Bowman

A bowman poem while waiting A class of arrows you wish to be? But what kind of future do you see? Raining arrows like a storm of wind or a single shot to make it end? Fast as lightning you bring the pain with the force of a mighty hurricane. With wings of flame your arrows fly faster. Beware the fury of a bow master. The cap of damage does not apply as a piercing arrows soar and fly. With one last breath your enemy screams as an arrow of death ends their schemes. Choose with wisdom the path you take as the choice is only yours to make. All in all a fine archer you'll be, My eyes have never lied to me.

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