General Darkknight

Dark Knight nerfs on Kmst So in [url=http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=74284]the latest KMST patch[/url] a lot of classes are getting some rebalancing and dark knights got 3 nerfs. - Beholder cooldown increased from 60 to 70 seconds - Cross-surge damage increase reduced from 100% to 80% - Sacrifice duration reduced from 40 to 30 seconds If these changes hit the live servers you'll need over 100% buff duration for infinite gungnir which is going to be a pretty huge dps loss in long boss battles. Thoughts?

General Bowman

Need help with Upgrading Please Hi everybody, Level 100 Sniper needs some help figuring out what to upgrade. Got about 400m to spend and not sure what to buy. Current Equips: (Everything that isn't clean is 0 slots and everything except the weapon is unhammered) Potential Stats are in brackets [] 16 Str 15 Dex ZHelm [Useless Potential, 2 lines] 127 Atk Dark Neschere [+5 Atk, 4% crit rate, something useless] 4 Atk 4 Str PAC [+6 Dex, something useless] 6 Str 13 Dex Red Ades [+3% Dex, +5 Dex, +45 HP] Clean Average Dep Star Clean No Stat Spectrum Goggles [+70 Wep Def, +35 Magic Def] (Trying to sell these, P/C?) 10 Atk Work Glove Clean +2 Dex Brown Pierre Shoes [+4 Str, +2% Dex] Clean Rose Earrings [+3% Dex, +5 Str] I was thinking either selling