tera warrior or slayer? So I'm starting out and so far I leveled my warrior to 15 and stopped because I'm split between that and slayer. I like that the warrior attacks really fast and can pretty much dodge all the time. However I really like that slayer bursts so much but I'm not all that into the slayer being pretty slow in comparison to warrior. In another server I had my slayer get to 20ish and I liked that they had that running skill but other than that they feel slow since I've been playing maple as my main mmo everything is so much faster on ms so its a bit hard to get used to slayer. Anyway which is better for 1v1, 3v3, and etc and mass vs. I heard that slayers out dps warriors by a fair bit but I also heard warriors can out dps a s

General Tech

my mouse clicks but doesnt move So I started to have this problem 2 days ago when I left for work I had my desktop still on and when I came back 6 hours later my mouse could click and scroll but it didn't move, it literally stayed in the center of the screen. However after a couple of reboots and tried different USB ports it worked. The second time it happened was after 10 minutes of inactivity it stopped but I was able to fix it again with the same steps. For some reason during my league game it stopped and it moved very slowly lagging behind after movement but it was fixed after replugging it in different USB ports. Now yesterday at around 9 I took a nap and woke up at 11, this time it like always had the same problems. However after lite

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