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Crit on Kanna? So, I have 40% Base Crit (Base 30%, 10% from Hyper) A 30% Crit Inner will put me at 70% assuming I manage to even roll it, and since Crit Rate doesn't work on Haku's Fan I can't really add more Crit from there. What else can I do to improve crit? Off the top of my head I can only think of Phantom (10/15/20%). Which will put me at 85% (before large time sink getting 5% more) Can't invest in nebs yet, my gear ain't done :D If only Beast Masters could be made...

General Kanna

Kanna Skill Changes in Jms 4/1 Given the date I'm not sure how true this or not, but I was browsing Silver Bullet today and saw something I liked.... Edit: For the current ruling, do consider this to be a troll post. While the changes are nice and the post was really elaborate, I didn't see anything on the official JMS. Source: Note: It's mostly Mana Cost Changes, so I abbreviated it to MC Global Kanna Changes Now gains mana upon reaching 2nd/3rd/4th Job, having 120/150/200 mana at each respective job. All Charms MC reduced to 20 (from 30) Link Skill Doubled, for 30% Damage at 210 (from 5*x% to 10*x%, where x is link level) 1st Job Clay Yaksha - MC reduced to 5 (from 15) Ether Pule - MC reduced to 2 (from 5) 2nd Job Rock Yaksha - MC reduced

General Kanna

quotSmartquot Funding, improve my Kanna Edit: Okay, quotes are bad for Basil. Lesson Learned! So, I have this Fafnir Fan. I tried to spell trace it 8 times during Spell Trace Fever Time....and the first two failed. I currently have ~100k range buffed w/ that Fafnir Weapon (it's at 10 star), Fafnir Top and Faffy Hat (<3 the hat). And I'll hopefully have about 120m to spend before the next spell trace fever, just need to sell these two scrolls. Unbuffed I'm at ~60k range. I have the option of another Fafnir Fan (80~100m) or Fafnir Bottom (~120m). Currently I'm thinking that I should get a Faf Fan so I can replace my current one and send the other one to Haku so I can get a HUGE range increase (current M.Atk on Haku's Fan is ~140, an okay F

General Kanna

Any Kanna Tips before I make one? Backstory! I haven't played MS in about 5 years. Recently came back and tried AB on someone's suggestion and I am liking it. AB's at 101 now. My friend, who rolled a Kaiser, grew bored of his class yesterday and rerolled to Battle Mage. I figured it would be a good time to make a second character for Link Skill and Character Card! I'm going to make a Kanna, both as a Kinshin mule as well as a class I believe I'm going to enjoy. Reading through the forums it looks like a few things are broken. That said, any tips? Assume 100% unfunded, my AB has about 8m to her name and no skill books yet. Personally, I find things are more fun when characters are unfunded anyway. Edit: ...can I even make one right n