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The Beatles never broke up Maybe some of you know the story but for those who don't here it is:;view=article&id=1&Itemid=53 TLDR: Some guy somehow traveled to another parallel dimension, in that dimension everything was the same but with slight changes, for example ketchup was purple, they were still using cassettes (CD's didn't exist there) and The Beatles never broke up, so they had more albums. As a proof of his experience, he brought an album from The Beatles named "Everyday chemistry". You can listen to the album here:;list=PLCA060A374417C6B1 Maybe you'll hear some familiar lyrics but in that dimension they didn't make the same songs than here. What do you think about it? Let me know on your comments, do you think thi


Has anybody else got randomly banned? Hi I wanted to tell you guys that I got banned without reason, be careful beause all I did was being AFK on town and I've read that some people got also banned for being afk (how can someone hack or bot on a town?). Have you been banned too? This is a warning only, be careful guys. Edit: I was not botting or hacking in a town, that would be extremely stupid, what I was saying is why would anyone ever do something like that? Also, I'm not complaining, I'm warning you guys that that could happen to you too, so be careful.


Help with a cape Hello and good day, I have this cape: Since I finally got myself a Tyrant one I wonder how much I can sell this one (psok'd)? Thank you very much! P.D.: I made a thread about this on the right section but seems that noone reads that part of the forum. All I need is a little bit of help, thank you in advance! Edit: I bought the empress ones with blood guys, I tried to perfect all the gear (all with events), and except my cape, all my empress items have at least 20 attack... Are they worth anything?

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Help with Soul Weapons Hi, I would like to know wich Soul Weapon should I get, I've been googling about it but the only ones I find (the skills) are in OrangeMushroom, however, he doesn't have a list of all of the monsters that drop soul pieces, I also found a thread here in Basil but it only showed how some of them were. Since I see most people with Zakum and Hilla are those the most powerful? I saw one with the Panda from the dojo, I can do dojo, is that the best one I can get? Basically the question is: Wich one should I get and where can I find information about the skills? Thank you very much!


Please someone answer my question Hi Basil, I have a question for you all, you see, I was looking for a place to train during 2x and I decided it would be HoH, I saw some guy training alone and I asked him to party, he said no because during 2x training alone in HoH is better exp than in party because the bonus exp does not accumulate or something like that, it might be a noob question but please, could someone tell me if it's better to train alone or in party in HoH? This is the 2nd time I post, sorry about that but it's something I'd really like to know.


Why do people get surprised for obvious things? To explain my title, I'll put an example: 1.- KMS in gets patch a year ago that removes crap potentials 2.- GMS makes a poll a year later asking if we want to get rid of crap potentials. 3.- Patch is released as a copy-paste from KMS. 4.- People thank GMS for having "listened to us". And this repeats over and over, KMS gets something, then nexon asks us what do we want in future updates with options that will come anyway and after that people is like "Nexon is improving", etc... Why? Why you people cannot read? You can see this all around basil, some people surprised that thieves got triple jump, others that magicians got level adv. at lv10 now, others at other stuff... Ora

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