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best fast ways to get rid of a headache so i've been stressed out lately and have a killer headache right now and ive tried everything to get rid of it. im not coming down with anything for sure i think it might be the start of a migraine because i had one recently. i already took a couple of pain killers but they don't last long ive tried literally everything except the meditation crap one site suggested :~(. i cant sleep either because my head just starts throbbing when i lay down and makes everything worse fml </3 how should i get rid of it im out of options

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Help with chem 11 hey guys i need help with some chemistry 11 homework if u can help that'd be great i missed one frikin class and missed a month's worth so its all about quantum numbers. how do i find quantum number for the outer shell electrons for N or Se? do i need a set of numbers? also tried getting on maplestory and asked a bunch of people in henesys and 99% of them rich fancy players ingnored me :| or gave me attitude cuz most of them were like 10-14 year olds....... thanks