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End game equips I wanted to know what are the realistic (meaning I do not have a 40b fund but adequate enough) end game equips I should be striving for. I heard about empress but I kind of worry about the dex requirement. Just to clarify I have come back from a long hiatus and am just getting into the swing of things for example I now see that every single piece of equipment has +Att (MIND BLOWING). So i wanted to know what is the usual norm people try to strive for in terms of ending gear.

General Demonslayer

New demon slayer, old player Hey all, I am a veteran mapler and have just come back for a week to play. I made a demon slayer yesterday and I gotta say I love it. Although, I am finding adjusting back to maple a little "iffy". So if you guys could tell me where exactly I should be training, and what exact equips I should be looking for it would be great. Currently I have around 500m, and um I have the essentials I guess: PaC, WG, Rings, dep star. But what Im curious is what should I do for the other equips, I know I'll use a clean weapon till the late 100s and armor ill easily recycle the faster I level. But, what do I do for a helm and all the other nonsense that Nexon has added (meaning I heard there were +Att helmets and I imag

General Aran

upgrading with 50k nx? Im going to be getting 50k nx soon and i wanted to know how i should spend it. Currently my range (off the top of my head) is like min-808x. I have 30 base dex. My equips are: 25/20 scar helm, 3 z rings, crit ring, 10 str top (+10 str potential), 3 dex bottom (+10 str potential), 3% str earrings, 3%str shoes, 2 att 6 str PaC ( +9 dex potential), 13 atk wg, 8/8/7/6 dep star (maybe ill get a MoN soon), chaosed yellow belt cant remember stats, and a 2 lined rare 1 enhanced 130 atk glaive. Now im leaning towards converting the nx to mesos but what will the most efficient way to go about that? If you guyz have any other ideas im more than ready to read them.

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