Free facial expressions from Frienstory Hey guys, I'm not sure if this has been posted but basically you can get free facial expressions from the [url=]granny food vendor[/url] in Friendstory. Keep in mind it takes up USE slots so if you're a NL or NW then woops. Here's the [url=]items[/url], eating them will make you do a facial expression. Spicy rice cake skewers - Dragon breath Sandwich - Ray Corn dog - Constant sigh Fish Cakes - Smoochies Fruit Candy - Goo Goo Baked rice cake stick - Ouch Spicy rice cakes in a cup - Sweetness California Roll - Sparkling Eyes Credits to for teaching me how to read.

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Pokemon giveaway Events, legends, shinies and more Hey all! As ORAS is coming out in about a months time I think it's appropriate I did a giveaway. I've stopped playing pokemon so I think these guys could go to better people! Pokemon are limited to [b]TWO[/b] per person but that might change depending on how many people actually participate. Pokemon I'm giving away~ [header]Shinies[/header] [b]Kalos Born[/b] [url=]Trophies[/url] [url=]Trophies[/url] [url=]5/6IV[/url] [b]Non-Kalos born[/b] [url=]~[/url] [url=]~[/url] Most of my Non-Kalos born shinies are actually 5-6 IV too so yeah..just ask fo

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