I tried out the new dojo system today, and was able to get a sub-4:00 time on my Night Lord. Due to lag while recording, this is a 3:59 run, but as you can see at the end of the video, I managed a 3:55 time earlier while not recording. A few points to discuss: - An MPE green pot combined with +1 attack speed inner ability allowed for maximum attack speed. - I cast my first Epic Adventure buff before the Lord Pirate stage because that's the first stage that takes two capped quad throws to kill. - I summoned my mag soul at a time such that it lasts until right after the final stage. - For most of the bosses, I stood as close as possible in order to minimize the time it takes my attack to hit the boss. The exception to this is Lilynouch, since

General Nightlord

Night Lords Mark default toggle As many of you know, the default setting for Night Lord's Mark has been turned to OFF in the recent update. This is really annoying since it requires remembering to toggle it every login and after every respawn. Since the skill being on is preferred 95% of the time and only rarely wanted off (such as C.Pierre), it would be extremely preferable if Nexon could make it the default toggle setting ON. If you agree, throw your support behind [url=http://maplestory.nexon.net/community/#%2Fshowthread.php%3F1446667-Toggle-skills-default-set-to-quot-ON-quot-instead-of-quot-OFF-quot%26nxid%3D6]this thread[/url] on the official forums and maybe Nexon will notice and change it.


Sudden increase in number of map looters In the past few days, I've noticed an increase in the number of people coming into my SH map and asking if they can loot the middle platform. There was even one person who started looting my map without asking. What makes people think this is okay? Firstly, the fact that my pets can't cover the entire map at once doesn't mean the drops are a free-for-all for anyone who enters the map (I clear the map of drops every few minutes). Secondly, I have a kanna on the middle platform and someone else standing there can get my kanna killed. It's happened before and they didn't even apologize. Learn some manners, folks. Don't start looting someone else's map unless they give you explicit permission to. There a


Too much pet loot causes dc? I have pet loot on while training at SH and since the anniversary started, there's a lot more loot than before (leaves + boxes). I've dced twice when jumping onto the middle platform for my pets to pick up the loot there, with the message "Unable to connect to server". Does too much pet loot cause dc? If this is the reason, I'd rather avoid the middle platform and forsake the drops there because it's annoying to have to reset my pendant of the spirit(s).


Register for the 10th Anniversary event Similar to the Black Heaven event a little while back, there's another one for the upcoming 10th Anniversary. If you register before May 5th (doesn't take anything, just click a button), you get a bunch of free goodies. "10th Anniversary Gift Pack includes 30-day Safety Charm (x5), 30-day AP Reset Scroll (x1), 30-day SP Reset Scroll (x1), 30-day 1000 Reward Points Token (x1), 30-day Equip Tab 8-Slot Coupon (x1), 30-day Use Tab 8 Slot Coupon (x1), 30-day Set-Up Tab 8 Slot Coupon (x1), 30-day Etc Tab 8 Slot Coupon (x1), Power Elixir (x300), All-Cure Potion (x100), 10th Anniversary Effect (x1)"

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