General Thunderbreaker

What range does Tb need to Ohko or train efficiently at Sdh? Hey TB forum, I was recently thinking of creating a TB because just pressing 1 skill down on my main is kinda boring me. :3 I was wondering how much range do I need to train properly at SDH? I'm not necessarily looking to one-hit everything but just to clear the map in a timely manner. Also, I wanted to ask any people that main TBs and are skilled with them, how bad the lack of stance really is? Does a proper amount of practice eventually make this easier to deal with? At bosses such as Zakum, Gollux, and HT. I don't have any more slots so I won't be able to get a Mihile link skill. Thanks for any help given. :D

General Tech

Just built my first computer - Already broke something Hey, recently built my first computer and I think I broke the motherboard while building it, or the power supply does not have enough power(even though it should be). Wanted to get other opinions on it before I buy another part. Here are the problems I'm facing: -Once I turn it on, it runs for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then turns off for 3 seconds, then runs for another 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then turns off for 3 seconds, etc. etc. -The monitor gets no signal, keyboard/mouse plugged into it get no power. I highly doubt the CPU and RAM are bad/misplaced, because I reassembled this thing about 3 times. I've tried using both the graphics card and integrated graphics on the mobo so I

General Tech

Another Building Pc Thread Hi guys... Another one of those threads. I heard it was cheaper than getting a good laptop, and I don't get out much and move around, so I'm planning on switching from bad laptop to a just-OK PC. I'm just going to use that template that everyone uses now, since I'm incredibly new to this stuff: What country/state do you live in? United States What is the upper limit of your budget? $900 MAX... realistically I want it under $800, under $750 if possible. I don't know if that's a good or bad budget, but that's my budget. Would you like to save money or do you want to spend as much of your budget as possible? Save money. Do you already have a monitor, keyboard, and/or mouse? If you have a monitor, what is its screen r

General Angelicbuster

Thinking of creating an Angelic Burster, some questions Hey guys, I recently was thinking of creating an Angelic Buster as my main. I love the animations(especially Trinity <3 ) and I kind of like that they don't have many lines, but hit hard. I had some questions I was hoping the AB community could answer for me before I start the class. 1) How's the attack multiplier for ABs? My previous main was a Cannon Master, and they have a pretty high multiplier so I was wondering how much attack affects ABs. 2) What kind of range/damage am I looking at with 10~15b of funding? (It kind of sucks for me that ABs don't use STR or else I could have transferred some gear over from my Cannoneer. I hear that %DEX is cheap, though?) 3) I'm not that famil


Scroll and Enhance or cube weapon first? Hi all. Since I can't seem to find a good fafnir cannon in Scania that's under 10b, so I decided I'll just make one myself. But I don't know how I'll go upon making this perfect cannon. I won't be able to do both right now, but I want to get one of these two things out of the way. Even though they're both going to be done eventually, which would I do first if I want a boost in my range right now? I'll be using 15% spell traces as the scrolls.


Aran, Evan, or Luminous? Hi guys. I kinda wanted to play another character after I'm done doing my dailies(10 dipq runs, 5 evo runs, bossing, events, etc.) on my main and I narrowed it down to Aran, Evan, and Luminous. I want it to be decent at mobbing(I know Luminous is the best at mobbing between all three) but also decent at bossing. I want it to be self-sufficient (decent damage without much equips, maybe just clean fafnir set, also doesn't use much pots) and good at hunting elite bosses. Right now I'm leaning towards Aran but I don't know if having bad mobility is going to affect how good he is at clearing maps. I know that a class can't have all of these, but I want the one that best fits this criteria. Thanks.

General Cannoneer

What should I buy / What range can I get with 8b on Cannon? Hey guys, I decided to fund around 8b into my Cannoneer and I was wondering what items I should aim to get. Also, what kind of range am I looking at? I kind of want at least a 50k range, right now I have a 15k~ range and I'm basically wearing clean level 100 items with a Necro Oblivion. I'm thinking of buying clean main set Root Abyss, Reinforced Gollux set, and maybe Tyrant if I can afford it. Would it be better for me to cube it myself or look around for %STR on them(I'd be looking for around 6% STR on each piece, which seems easy enough to cube)? I'm fairly sure going RA set is the best option for me right now, but I want to know any other options that are available so I get the


How to make some early mesos? Hey guys, I recently made a new character in Scania and I started from 0 mesos, From looting mesos from grinding and a lil help from other maplers(borrowed like 100k) I got to level 115, and from selling equipment from NPCs i got around 200k mesos. I started going to monster park extreme and extracting the gear and I have around 10 basic, 20 intermediate, 15 advanced, and 3 superior item crystals I'm going to sell. What other ways can I make mesos right now? Any events I can take advantage of? Thanks.