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The New and Improved Evan Damage Range Thread [i]I would like to welcome you all to the new Evan Damage Range Thread. It has become obvious the old one has been outdated for at least a year, without someone having created a brand new one. So I took the liberty into creating a fresh damage range thread, where you're free to show off, compare or even discuss your (or other people's) damage range(s)![/i] [b]Posting format:[/b] You're required to post in a certain format to be eligible for participation in this thread. Please follow the steps below when posting your damage range: [i]- Post your IGN, level and world.[/i] [i]- Make a full-screen screenshot that shows your status screen & used buffs[/i] [b][i]- You cannot use Hyper Skills, as

General Evan

The Ultimate Evanly Guide [i]Greetings brave adventurer, my name is Freud.. I speak to you from the afterlife, for I am no longer amongst the living. The Black Mage's seal has weakened, and he will soon be free from his imprisonment. Listen carefully, for this is no dream. You must venture through this forest and find the slumbering dragon that lies within, and create the pact for the next generation Dragon Master. From there on out, you will have to find out by yourself what you can do to keep Maple World safe from the Black Mage. Never give in to your weaknesses, always strive for success. May the Maple Gods be with you, my successor.[/i] Welcome to the Ultimate Evanly guide! With Freud's words etched in your memory, keep on reading if yo


Hard Hilla Def/Mdef Does anyone know the exact percentage(s) on Hard Hilla? I've attempted a solo, which utterly failed because she apparently likes to ignore Illusion's damage, yet Blaze still does a couple mils. My visual %pdr in status screen is 66%, which should be 79%, but not everything shows. That being said, Illusion ignores 20% def and has 35% boss damage I believe, while Blaze only ignores 35% and has no additional boss damage. Killer question: How does Illusion only do 4945 damage, when Blaze does around 6-9m crits? This is all done with Elemental Reset, which makes attacks neutral & bypass the resistances, yet the only difference is the huge damage gap. Anyone know? It'd really clear up some things for me. :/