General Hero

Is my hero any good? Hey, so I have a level 153 hero and he has 70 dex and the rest of his AP has gone towards strength. (This hero was made back in 2009...), so anyways, with Raging Blow, Advanced Combo Attack, Rage, and Enrage all at once I can hit 90-140k each hit of five with Raging Blow, but yet this is only against one enemy. While without enrage, I can hit 70-110k each hit of five. I use a NRW that has 139 attack power and +30% damage to bosses. Is this any good? Or should I try and drop my dex as soon as possible and get better Lionheart equipment?

General Kaiser

I want to remake my main character into a Kaiser Alright, so I have a level 151 hero. He does 90-140k when all buffed up, with a fast sword. But I feel that they're much weaker than the newer classes these days, and I want to make a Kaiser. I've heard they're over powered, but that's not why I want to make one. I want to make a warrior, but none of them appeal to me as much as Kaisers do. When they're unblocked, should I still make one and have him as my main character instead? I have the appropriate funding to do so too. Thanks.