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college algebra homework help please So the chapter is on logarithmic functions and I'm having trouble with this problem: An ulcer patient has been told to avoid acidic foods. If he drinks coffee, with a pH of 5.0, it bothers him, but he can tolerate both tap water, with a pH of 5.8, and milk, with a pH of 6.9. a) What pH will the half coffee-half milk mixture have? ---> I already got this answer, which was a pH of 5.295 b) In order to make 18 oz of a milk-coffee drink with a pH of 5.8, how many ounces of each are required? I need help with part b^ Any and all help is appreciated! :)

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college algebra help lowkey this kind of stuff is like 8th grade algebra but its a prerequisite course that i have to take to move onto business calc next semester </3 anyways i need some help on exponents ( i know the general rules already) so my online math homework had a problem: 2^8 + 2^9 the answer was 3+ 2^8 but i have no idea how they got that I also need help on exponents such as: n^2 + n^6 <- how would i simplify that? All help is appreciated! pls don't laugh :(

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