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Anime to Watch First I've been holding off on so much this summer. Finally time to settle down and watch anime. I've had a list compiled, but I'm not sure what to watch. So which do you think I should do, in order? Free! Eternal Summer (I haven't watched EP2, crai everiteim) Dramatical Murder (I'm up to EP2 so far, Aoba is probably the new Amano Yuki) Sword Art Online Season 2 BlazBlue Alter Memory (been holding this off for Oreimo S2) Rewatch Yosuga no Sora (it's a summer ritual, I pray that they release an S2/Another Arc/OVA) No Game, No Life Kyoukai no Kanata Shingeki no Kyojin (I've watched like 4 EPs and gave up because of school, I need to finish, despite knowing everything about it :~() All the Seasons of Higurashi Kill la Kill Conti

General Anime

Cant Remember Anime I don't remember much about this anime but it had something to do with the protagonist rekindling with a childhood friend after moving away. The friend suffered from trauma due to an accident with her parents (she found out that her violin teacher was her dad) and thus her "step father" decides to burn the house down, leaving her with her prized possession: a violin. The protagonist rekindles with the friend, learns about her troublesome past as he was away, and in the end, saves her from suicide (cutting herself in the bath). Does anyone know the name of this anime? EDIT: Found it! Thanks