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Maplestory R.e.d Bow Master Hyper Skills I've been wondering(ever since Sharp Eyes' Hypers have been enforced) what points to put things in. Thus far(and I think most everyone can agree), these are the points I'll put the SP in: Arrow Platter - Reinforce: Arrow Platter's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 155] Arrow Platter - Boss Killer: Arrow Platter's damage to bosses is increased by 10%. [required level: 177] Uncountable Arrow - Reinforce: Uncountable Arrow's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 149] Uncountable Arrow - Bonus Attack: Uncountable Arrow's number of hits is increased by 1. [required level: 189] I'm still stumped on my last hyper. What are your suggestions? I wanted to put in either: Arrow Platter - Extra

General Bowmaster

Finally not a Bowman Selection Thread I'd like to ask about the new KMS changes for Bow Masters. Does anyone know if the 40% damage added to Reckless Hunt: Bow will be a passive or will it be active (casting the skill to receive it)? And what are your thoughts on the new changes? I'm pretty hyped to get back normal Hurricane, but I'm guessing Nexon will implement Firicane back in 5th job :/ EDIT: And I'm hoping they change our Hyper. "Gritty Gust" (Wind of Frey in KMS, waaaay better name IMO) just doesn't fit our theme anymore. Maybe a giant Arrow Rain-esque skill while maintaining the vertical AoE?