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Finding a Poem Well, I'm entered in a poetry reading/performing competition. I need some advice on what to read (leaning towards Robert Frost) but I'm still stumped on what to read. Its optional to have multiple poems(I would prefer 2) that somehow connect(ex: 2 Poems on Watching Television). I'm an actor and I can do pretty emotional scenes, but its hard for my voice and face to work with a sad/crying scene... If you guys have suggestions, feel free to help me <3 EDIT: It has to be published officially(in a book, or something close to that)

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Final Fantasy Xiii Well, its been 2 years since I've touched this game... I thought to myself, "Okay -insert name-, you [b]will[/b] finish the Crystarium and get all Tier III weapons". Since I have a lot of free time this summer, I wanna know if you guys have any good suggestions on a party. I will actually be maxing my Crystarium before I head off from Gran Pulse back to Cocoon(Eden) in the later chapter. I need a good party to train with to supply ingredients for Tier III Weapons and get CP A.S.A.P. Have any suggestions? My main and most experienced Paradigms are: COM/RAV/MED and MED(or SEN)/SYN/SAB The characters I mostly play as the main are: Lightning and Hope(Vanille for Death or super SAB) Hope this extra info helps ;) BTW:

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