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Updated MapleStory Training Guide with Alternatives I haven't updated my old Training Guide in a while (like since RED) so I've decided to come back with another guide~ Feel free to post any suggestions! Hope this might help~ *Scroll Down for the Mastery Book Quest Guide and TL;DR Version!* This guide will be updated past [v149: Legacy of Nine] v149: Legacy of Nine [header]Full Version with Alternatives[/header] [b]Bolded[/b] indicates recommended Training Areas [header2]Beginner and First Job: Levels 1 - 30[/header2] 1 - 10: [b]Separate Quests[/b], Orange Mushrooms, Snails 10 - 30: [b]Mixed Golems[/b], Starfish, Jellyfish, Streetlights 20 - 30: [b]Copper Drakes (May require a bit more Damage because Accuracy is Low)[/b] [header2]Second Job


Paladin or Corsair post R.e.d I think its ridiculous to ask in one section(like posting this in Corsair/Pally since you'll always get the dominant number of people who look through all the threads for that one class) so its better if I just ask everyone. I'm deciding between Paladin or Corsair, both I can fund decently with a Loveless/Empress and some Tempest %. Looking at things, I can't seem to decide between a giant battleship or taking nearly absolutely no damage whatsoever. Any suggestions on what class I should make? I don't mind if its even out of these classes, however, I'll still be playing BowMaster and Fire/Poison Mage, just to limit things down.

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