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Kanna nerf? EDITEDEDIT: So Soul Shear still doesn't properly give 30% damage.. I'm waiting Nexon. EDIT: LMAO I WAS WRONG GOOD JOB NEXON NA!! You did it right. Now TMS fix your thing "Kanna's stats will be increased to make her more competitive and balanced with other Magician jobs." Yeah, nice joke Nexon. So TMS (who we copy+paste from) just got their version of the Tune Up update, which includes: - Haku Buffs no longer adding MATT to party members, the attack itself has been changed to flat MATT rather than MATT percentage, hurting a huge chunk of Kanna's range. - Soul Sheer's supposed 30% Final Damage was actually 30% damage into the attack itself (making it practically just as useless). There's no confirmation from GMS' end that this wil