General Fashion

Which looks better [url=http://msavatar1.nexon.net/Character/MAHJPOPLNGDPIOKHCFIJNBFIOCGGJBADNDCOPOLHGPMEGHMDIKEFHDFNDJABJMNOHAHCFFMJOKFLCLALAGOGJIILAADEAPJM.gif]My current look on basil with the black hair, [/url] [url=http://msavatar1.nexon.net/Character/HLEPIDEDFHJKEAFKDDEGBGMNOOAGAOKKKENKMCGPJBABGKCDKDKDMHKLLMMNABLAJDGEBLHHHPLEFJFDFAKIMBOOOICKDJIF.gif]or my blonde hair look?[/url] I am a night lord with a perma transparent nx claw, so what you see is what you get for a weapon. I typically do not use effects.

General Updates

Minimum actual requirements I was wondering what maple actually needs in order to run as far as os and ram go. With the new update to Microsoft's ToS, many of you have probably noticed how much more invasive they are allowed to be. Maplestory is really the only thing that I use that keeps me tied to windows and I would like to change that by running it in a vm. Before I do this, I need to know what the minimum os requirements are. I have the option to use Windows 8, but would much prefer to use XP is possible in this particular instance. Before people start talking about XP exploits and the like, this is going to be a Maple Only VM. The only extras it will have are Chrome to download Steam to download Maple.

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