Random Nx credit? I just charged 5k bill to mobile so I could buy a shop and when I went into CS, It said I had 5k. I checked my NX purchases and It only charged 5k like I had chosen. I didn't have any nx O_O Why did nexon give me 5k credit? I didn't have any in there last I checked 2 days ago. My bf checked and he got 2k for some reason. What was this for? Some kind of compensation or event? Didn't see anything on the site about it. If I knew i already had 5k, i wouldn't have bought any lmao. edit: I just bought a shop permit for 1.8 and the number dropped to 6.9k remaining. What on earth is going on lmao.

General Buccaneer

How should I go about perfecting an emp knuckle? Seeing as it has been very difficult to find a scrolled emp knuckle in Broa due to the decline in Buccs or whatever other reason, It seems that I may have no choice but to make my own. How does one go about perfecting an emp knuckle? I have never tried to scroll anything nice due to my HORRID luck and I am not even exactly sure what a perfect emp knuckle is in terms of stats. In addition, I need an Emp knuckle and not any others, so please don't make this into a discussion about why I am choosing to use an emp knuckle as compared to the Fafnir and why it is SO much better compared to an Empress. I know that they are good, given their clean stats, but that is not why I am here asking. I will u


I am looking for a Tenacious Grand Pauldron Recipe Or rather, more specifically, I am looking for any clues or ideas as to what may drop a [item=Tenacious Grand Pauldron] Recipe. If anyone has any idea where I could obtain this, if it is possible outside of a Mystery Recipe, that would be much appreciated. ;x Everywhere I have searched so far has come up with no leads...in fact it is always listed as unknown =/ Must I waste endless amounts of mesos just to obtain this recipe from a mystery recipe? edit: Also, Seeing as I may have no choice but to do the aforementioned process, what would the best way to obtain said mystery recipes be? I have no idea where to start.