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Its funny how much of my teenage/HS years I spent here I used to literally go on this site everyday haha. Not many users I still recognise from when I joined (2010), but everyone's getting older and moved on I guess. The rules also used to be so much stricter, I've noticed how much more lax it is now, seems like the mods and admin don't really care anymore. There isn't even a mod list anymore, so idk if they're still around, but I used to get suspended and account deleted so often it wasn't funny. The community here was a lot more active back then, but so was Maple's, they've both gone downhill rapidly. But yeah I miss those days when I'd just play Maple, browse Basil, and not worry about life. To the young kids here, enjoy your childhood w


I'll be back. Alright so I'm going to China tomorrow and won't be back (on Maple) till early January, unless I somehow get it to work through questionable methods. Pretty sure basil isn't blocked by the Great Firewall of China though. 1. Will CSS 10%/Innocence 50% and tyrants inflate or deflate between now and then? 2. I'm a rising supernova in star planet, since I'm gone for that long do I go all the way down to being a beginner nebula again? Wish me luck that my plane won't get shot down by ISIS, brahs. ;_;


Asking for a "friend" The "friend" bought 22 spins and only got 2 tyrants. Guessing everything else isn't worth much and they didn't break even? How much would this be worth total in Windia? Thanks. 1. Black Cube 2. Set-up Tab 4 Slot Coupon 3. Summer Surprise Style Box 4. Zero Android Coupon 5. Winter Surprise Style Box 6. Moonwalk Manual 7. 2 hour 3 x EXP special coupon 8. Shield Scroll 9. Red Cube 10. Gachapon Ticket (5) 11. Safety Gem 12. Shield Scroll 13. 2 Star Enhancement Scroll 14. Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50% (2) 15. Guardian Scroll 16. Black Cube 17. Summer Surprise Style Box 18. Red Cube 19. Action: Green Mesoranger Manual 20. [A] Nebulite (Max HP %) 21. Black Cube (5) 22. Black Cube 23. Bonus Potent

General Shadower

Shadower keyboard setups? Shadower keyboard setups. Ctrl=Boomerang Stab+Midnight Carnival(pretty much never use this) A=Boomerang Stab+Phase Dash(main mobbing skill) D=Dark Sight+Assassinate+Assassinate(pretty much never use this since it's so slow) Home=Dagger Booster+Mesoguard+Maple Warrior PageUp=Channel Karma+Shadow Partner+Shadower Instinct Mainly just use assassinate for bossing, Boomerang Stab+Phase Dash for MP3 and DI, and Vampire to restore health. Rarely ever use meso explosion, pickpocket, boomerang stab or midnight carnival. Should I not macro the latter two and leave them by themselves? I don't find them very useful, macro'd together or not.


Accidentally leveled to 200 Alright so I've been playing on and off since 2006 or 2007, my current character I made in February 2012. Quit from January 2013-July 2015. Today I reached level 199, 99.94% exp, wanting to kill a few green snails to reach 200 when I was at 99.99% exp, and maybe record a video. Well, just after today's reset, and a few minutes before the maintenance, I accepted the madhouse "sender unknown" quest, forgetting that it gave exp. And there you have it, I leveled to 200 from a damn quest. I know 200 is not a big deal anymore to most people, but this is my first one ever, and it was supposed to mean a lot to me, but a stupid damn quest had to give me exp. ;_; Nexon plz rollback that last half an hour before m