Top Tier gear in Gms Hat: CRA (Root Abyss Armor) Top: CRA Bottem: CRA Shoe: Tyrant Glove: Tyrant Belt: Black Tinkerer Necklace: S.Gollux (Superior) Necklace2: R:Gollux (Reinforced) Shoulder: Black Tinkerer R1: S.Gollux R2: R.Gollux R3: So.Gollux (Solid) R4: C.Gollux (Cracked) Medal: Marvel Badge (I know, it's a medal) Badge: Ghost Ship E. Heart: Superior Lidium Heart (or is it Titanium) Emblem: (Legendary Potted) Default (Or Boss arena emblem) Totem1: Sengoku (Or that new Totem) T.2: Sengoku T.3: Sengoku Weapon: Fafnir or Terminus Secondary Wep: (Legendary Pot) Lv100 Default (Or Black Maple etc.) Face: Sweet water Eyes: Sweet water Earrings: S. Gollux I believe that's the best tier gear in GMS atm?

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