Illium/NL can't decide

Hey guys,
I just came back to maple recently, my main is xenon but % all stat requires too much funding so trying to choose between Illium and NL. I played Illium and NL to lvl 150 but can't decide which to main, i find Illium fun and NL is a little less but i hear it's easy to increase NL range/damage but requires more funding. Just wondering what opinion you guys have about this. I am looking for a class that has decent attack speed, good at late game(lvl 200+) for bossing and grinding. I tried looking up videos but still can't decide all i see is people doing 1 hit ko at arcana. I expect my range to be around 1m don't really plan on going past that(i will decided once i get to 1m range). Also which will be easier to fund and can do more damage around 1m range. Or let me know if another class fits this description.

December 29, 2017